HTTP/2 C library and tools

Nghttp2 v0.7.10

We released nghttp2 v0.7.10.

This release adds new APIs. We added nghttp2_session_consume_connection and nghttp2_session_consume_stream functions. The existing nghttp2_session_consume function affects both connection and stream level flow control window. The new nghttp2_session_consume_connection only affects connection level flow control window and nghttp2_session_consume_stream only affects stream level.

We also added nghttp2_send_data_callback to avoid data copy when sending request/response body. We saw meaningful performance improvement in nghttpd and tiny-nghttpd server using this new feature.

To make building libnghttp2 under Windows easier, we added NGHTTP2_EXTERN macro to export public functions in Windows build. lib/Makefile.msvc is also updated by Remo E.

For documentation, now .rst file is generated per API function, which we hope makes the documentation more readable and easy to navigate.

We fixed incorrect header field ordering bug in Python binding. We also added async request/response body generation.

nghttpx proxy server gets OCSP stapling support. We use external Perl script developed under h2o project, to update OCSP response. --tls-ctx-per-worker option was removed since it did not show any performance improvement and just complicated code base. To make debugging easier, now stderr is redirected to errorlog file.