HTTP/2 C library and tools

Nghttp2 v1.40.0

We have released nghttp2 v1.40.0.


New API function nghttp2_check_authority has been added.

This release fixes the bug that nghttp2_on_stream_close_callback is closed with the wrong error code.

HPACK huffman encoding and decoding get faster.


With cmake build, filename collision is now avoided.

New flag ENABLE_STATIC_CRT is added for Windows cmake build.

Support building nghttpx with systemd has been added to cmake.


neverbleed memory leak has been fixed.


This release fixes the bug that mruby script is incorrectly shared between backends with different configurations.

Now nghttpx reconnects to h1 backend if it lost connection before sending header fields.

nghttpx returns 408 if backend timed out before sending header fields.

The bug that makes nghttpx stall when backend connection is reused and buffer is full has been fixed.