HTTP/2 C library and tools

Update to H2-13

nghttp2 was updated to HTTP/2 draft-13 and HPACK draft-08.

The major changes are:

  • Simplified padding (Pad High field was removed)
  • No padding for CONTINUATION frame.
  • ALTSVC and BLOCKED frame was moved to extension. The current nghttp2 source code contains ALTSVC and BLOCKED as extension based on draft-12. But their specification may change and they may be dropped from nghttp2 public API until their specifications are settled.
  • Per-frame compression was removed.
  • Huffman code table and static header table were updated.

The https endpoint for now requires TLSv1.2 and DHE or EDCHE with GCM cipher suite for HTTP/2 connection. If HTTP/2 was negotiated and these requirements are not met, connection error will be issued with the error code INADEQUATE_SECURITY.