HTTP/2 C library and tools

Update to H2-14

Today We updated nghttp2 to support latest HTTP/2 draft, h2-14. The source code is available on github. This server is advertize h2-14 now.

Here is a quick summary of the changes since h2-13:

  • Frame length field was expanded to 24 bits.
  • The pseudo headers (aka, colon (:) headers) handling is tightened up. Now unexpected pseudo headers are subject to stream error.
  • WINDOW_UPDATE with 0 window-size is now treated as error.
  • END_SEGMENT flag was removed.
  • 1xx status codes, except for 101, are now supported.
  • Removed 0x00 concatenation rule.
  • HPACK: reference set was removed.
  • HPACK: static header table is now in front of dynamic header table.
  • HPACK: No copy when static header table entry is referenced.