HTTP/2 C library and tools

Nghttp2 v1.28.0

We have released nghttp2 v1.28.0.


nghttp2_error_callback2 callback function has been added. It is an extended version of the existing nghttp2_error_callback. The new callback takes a new parameter which indicates the error code. nghttp2_error_callback is now deprecated.


This release officially deprecates spdylay support. The next release, v1.29.0, will remove all SPDY related code.


Cookie based session affinity has been implemented. To use cookie based session affinity, specify affinity=cookie in backend option. affinity-cookie-name parameter must also be specified to specify a name of cookie. affinity-cookie-path and affinity-cookie-secure control a path and secure attributes of cookie respectively.

The bug that backend connection might be stalled on retry has been fixed.

The existing TLS related variables available to the access log are now exposed to mruby Env object. This release also adds new TLS related variables: $tls_client_fingerprint_sha256, $tls_client_fingerprint_sha1, $tls_client_subject_name, $tls_client_issuer_name, and $tls_client_serial. They are available to both mruby, and the access log.