HTTP/2 C library and tools

Nghttp2 v1.59.0

We have released nghttp2 v1.59.0.


This release adds API to get and parse RFC 9218 priority.

nghttp2_select_next_protocol() has been deprecated. Use nghttp2_select_alpn() instead.


The following dependencies have been updated:

  • ngtcp2
  • libbpf


h2load now considers all h2 HEADERS when counting bytes and recording TTFB.

This release fixes the bug that TTFB is not recorded if h3 stream has no data.

h2load now ignores 1xx status code.

IPv6 address is now enclosed by square brackets when set in :authority header field.


This release adds SSL_CTX_set_recv_max_early_data() call which OpenSSL requires.

__FILE_NAME__ macro is preferred if available.

nghttpx now propagates stream priority from backend to frontend.

This release fixes the bug that nghttpx sends QUIC RESET_STREAM when it receives RESET_STREAM from client.


This release drops old OpenSSL (< 1.1.1) support.

Now bundled applications can be built with aws-lc.