HTTP/2 C library and tools

Nghttp2 v0.6.5

We released new nghttp2 v0.6.5. While we merged new draft-15 features, it is compatible with draft-14 framing layer. So this release still announces h2-14 as ALPN identifier.

This release fixes heap-use-after free bug in nghttpx. The bug was found by scan-build tool.

h2load, the benchmark tool for HTTP/2 and SPDY, now has --input-file and --header options. By default, h2load takes URIs in command-line. Instead, user can store URIs in a file and give it with --input-file option to h2load. Then h2load reads URIs from that file. This is convenient if lots of URIs are needed. --header option is add additional request headers or replace pre-defined headers (e.g., :scheme). These features were contributed by Kenny (kang-yen) Peng.

nghttpx now has --strip-incoming-x-forwarded-for option. If given, it strips incoming X-Forwarded-For request header. This feature was contributed by Lucas Pardue.

nghttp, nghttpd and nghttpx now disable SSLv3 completely.

nghttpx now emits alt-svc draft-04 compliant Alt-Svc header field.