HTTP/2 C library and tools

Nghttp2 v0.6.6

We released new nghttp2 v0.6.6. The supported HTTP/2 protocol draft version is still h2-14.

This release fixes heap-use-after free bug in priority handling.

We also fixed several bugs in priority handling code as well. The notable one is that priority is ignored when a stream that is designated as dependency parent is absent. Now it is corrected and the default priority is assigned for that case.

nghttp commnad-line client now accepts multiple -v options. Specifying -v options more than once increases verbosity.

nghttpx’s log level now accepts NOTICE level, which is now default. This feature was contributed by Lucas Pardue. The help message of -L option in nghttpx wrongly stated log level WARNING, but it is now corrected to WARN. nghttpx also implements dynamic TLS record size.

h2load now prints SSL/TLS cipher name and parameters when SSL/TLS connection is used.