Security Process

If you find a vulnerability in our software, please send the email to "tatsuhiro.t at gmail dot com" about its details instead of submitting issues on github issue page. It is a standard practice not to disclose vulnerability information publicly until a fixed version is released, or mitigation is worked out. In the future, we may setup a dedicated mail address for this purpose.

If we identify that the reported issue is really a vulnerability, we open a new security advisory draft using GitHub security feature and discuss the mitigation and bug fixes there. The fixes are committed to the private repository.

We write the security advisory and get CVE number from GitHub privately. We also discuss the disclosure date to the public.

We make a new release with the fix at the same time when the vulnerability is disclosed to public.

At least 7 days before the public disclosure date, we open a new issue on nghttp2 issue tracker which notifies that the upcoming release will have a security fix. The SECURITY label is attached to this kind of issue. The issue is not opened if a vulnerability is already disclosed, and it is publicly known that nghttp2 is affected by that.

Before few hours of new release, we merge the fixes to the master branch (and/or a release branch if necessary) and make a new release. Security advisory is disclosed on GitHub.