#include <ngtcp2/ngtcp2_crypto.h>

int ngtcp2_crypto_verify_regular_token(const uint8_t *token, size_t tokenlen, const uint8_t *secret, size_t secretlen, const ngtcp2_sockaddr *remote_addr, ngtcp2_socklen remote_addrlen, ngtcp2_duration timeout, ngtcp2_tstamp ts)

ngtcp2_crypto_verify_regular_token() verifies a regular token stored in the buffer pointed by token of length tokenlen. secret of length secretlen is a keying material to generate keys to decrypt the token. remote_addr of length remote_addrlen is an address of client. timeout is the period during which the token is valid. ts is the current timestamp.

This function returns 0 if it succeeds, or -1.