#include <ngtcp2/ngtcp2_crypto_wolfssl.h>

int ngtcp2_crypto_wolfssl_configure_server_context(WOLFSSL_CTX *ssl_ctx)

ngtcp2_crypto_wolfssl_configure_server_context() configures ssl_ctx for server side QUIC connection. It performs the following modifications:

  • Set minimum and maximum TLS version to TLSv1.3.

  • Set WOLFSSL_QUIC_METHOD by calling wolfSSL_CTX_set_quic_method.

Application must set a pointer to ngtcp2_crypto_conn_ref to WOLFSSL object by calling wolfSSL_set_app_data, and ngtcp2_crypto_conn_ref object must have ngtcp2_crypto_conn_ref.get_conn field assigned to get ngtcp2_conn.

It returns 0 if it succeeds, or -1.